Brown Monument Company has manufactured quality memorials for 75 years. Before the creation of Brown Monument Company, our ancestors worked as stonemasons building memorials, stone buildings, and commissioned sculptures. Working with stone is in our blood and has been taught down through multiple generations. As you can imagine, being taught by old-world craftsmen cultivates a desire for quality workmanship. We are particular about our stonework. We do not accept anything but quality stock from the quarries, and we use the proven, lasting techniques taught to us by our fathers to create memorials that meet or exceed the highest industry standards. you'll notice we use the terms "memorial" and "monument" interchangeably, memorials are monuments erected in the memory of the lives of our loved ones. We take the manufacturing of them seriously and approach our work with passion and care.

    On this site you will find information about Brown Monument as well as information you should know when buying a monument. A memorial is a personal, important reminder to those who view it of a person no longer with us. As such it is important that it represents that person well, is crafted well, and will last for generations. That's why we feel that wherever you decide to purchase your memorial, it is important that you are able to make a well-informed decision.
If you have any questions about what you have read, or if you would like to discuss a memorial, please contact us.

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